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Care Accessories


With the finest materials, intricate weaves and print varieties, Louis Vuitton textiles are crafted in accordance to our highest quality standards. These luxurious and delicate textiles require special handling and attention to ensure these attributes over time. Textiles are susceptible to the appearance of pulls caused by sharp objects such as fingernails, jewellery, zippers, etc., and should be avoided. When not in use, store in a cool, dry place away from dust and humidity.
Dry cleaning is recommended for cleaning. Any home remedies or machine washing can severely damage the textile.

Fashion Jewellery

Louis Vuitton fashion jewellery is made of brass with a golden or silver finishing, allowing for both durability and a lustrous appearance. While resistant, your jewellery requires special handling and care to ensure optimal performance and appearance. It is recommended to use any perfumes, hairsprays or lotions before putting on your jewellery, as repeated contact with such chemicals can cause the materials to dull or oxidise. Please remove jewellery when bathing, cleaning, or performing strenuous physical activities. Wearing in very humid, or salty environments (such as a beach, sauna, or pool) is not recommended, as it can cause the brass to tarnish prematurely. To minimise the appearance of surface scratches, limit the exposure to abrasive surfaces. It is always best to rotate your jewellery, as uninterrupted use may cause the materials to break down prematurely.
For storage, simply place in the pouch provided at purchase away from dust, moisture, heat and humidity. Lightly polish with the same pouch for cleaning. Immersing in water or the use of any chemicals may cause irreversible damage.


Louis Vuitton sunglasses are created with specially trained artisans in our ateliers with exclusive know-how. Crafted with cutting edge materials and fresh designs, your Louis Vuitton sunglasses can be easily maintained.
While wearing your sunglasses , it is best not to place upon your head to rest, as this may cause a widening of the arms and an augmented fit. Please keep in mind, as you wear your sunglasses, the frame will naturally form to your unique face shape.  
For storage, place inside the pouch and protective case provided at purchase in a cool, dry place. Storage in hot environments (cars, heaters, etc.) for prolonged periods can cause the frame to deform and is not recommended. 
To clean your sunglasses, place under lukewarm water and gently dry and polish your lenses with the pouch provided at purchase. Lightly soapy water using mild dish detergent may also be used to remove residue from the lenses and frame.