Louis Vuitton Parfums x Sun Yitian

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Louis Vuitton Parfums x Sun Yitian

In an exuberant exploration of creative expression, Louis Vuitton teams up with artist Sun Yitian for the Women's Prefall 2024 Collection — unveiling limited-edition accessorised perfume bottles and packaging of the iconic fragrances Spell On You, Imagination and Heures d'Absence.

Enhancing Louis Vuitton icons with a youthful vibrancy, the special edition perfume bottles are adorned with a precious charm — featuring the LV signature and a graphic animal emblem inspired by the artworks of Sun Yitian.

Echoing the playful energy of Spell On You, Sun Yitian's rabbit charm resonates with the pink hue of the romantic scent, unfurling aromas of iris pallida and rose. Heures d’Absence pairs with the leopard charm, embodying the scent's free-spirited bouquet of mimosa, jasmine, and May rose. In contrast, the masculine fragrance of Imagination, bursting with amber, citrus and Chinese black tea accords, is unveiled alongside the artist's signature duck emblem, adding a dreamy aesthetic to its bottle and travel case.

Contemporary artist Sun Yitian presents an invitation to embark on an immersive journey through a menagerie of animal motifs – symbolic of the Maison's latest fragrance collectible series.

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