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City Guide Series

Covering 30 destinations in both print and digital versions, the Louis Vuitton City Guides are widely regarded as indispensable companions for the discerning traveller.

For over 20 years, Louis Vuitton has instilled its signature Spirit of Travel into its growing City Guide series to propose fresh and personal perspectives on a variety of destinations across the globe. Featuring independent writers and guests with wide and varied backgrounds, each guide spots trends and reveals unique insights: from grand luxury hotels to charming boutique inns, top-tier restaurants to neighbourhood bistros, antique shops to fashion boutiques, along with iconic must-sees and little‑known places. Special guest contributors, secret places, walking tours, cultural events, recommendations from savvy journalists, photographic portfolios – the spirit of the Louis Vuitton City Guide series is constantly evolving, taking its unique approach in new directions.

New Editions

The Collection

Box Sets

Following previous box set releases, Louis Vuitton is again offering an exceptional, limited-edition set of fifteen of its City Guides as the ultimate collection for travel lovers. Available in both French and English versions, the sets include 15 of the most popular destinations around the world and come in a stunning lacquered wood painted five bright colours: Sydney blue, Cape Town green, Rome yellow, Berlin orange and Taipei pink. For the first time, seven City Guides are also available in Chinese in a similar box set, in the same red colour of the Beijing City Guide.

Digital Experiences

The Louis Vuitton City Guide App is a complete catalog of the Maison’s travel guides to the most fascinating cities. The digital version of the Paris City Guide is available for free on the App Store.

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The Film

With an established catalogue of 30 cities, in both print and digital version, the Louis Vuitton City guide has establish itself as the indispensable companion to the discerning traveler.