Vivienne Statue Of Liberty, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Lacquer & Diamonds


This is an exquisite reimagining of the Statue of Liberty through the eyes of Vivienne, the playful House mascot. Meticulously crafted from 18-karat white and yellow gold, green and black lacquer and incrusted diamonds, this jewel is the incarnation of the House’s savoir-faire, as demonstrated by the detail work of the green lacquer used to reproduce the folds of the draped fabric.

  • White and Yellow Gold (18 kt)
  • Green and black lacquers
  • 68 diamonds, ~ 1.10 ct
  • Height: ~34 mm/1.3 inches
  • Length: ~80 cm/31.5 inches with adjustable links at ~70 cm/27.6 inches and ~75 cm/29.5 inches
  • Can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch
  • The M20457 trunk has been specially designed to store the Vivienne Travellers' Collection and other jewellery pieces.
  • Each piece from Louis Vuitton jewellery and watch creations is unique. Caratage and metal weight information is given for information only and may vary slightly from one piece to another.