Vivienne Rabbit Pendant, White Gold, Lacquer, Diamonds & Coloured Gemstones


Resplendent in lustrous blue lacquer and sapphires, the Vivienne Rabbit Pendant was inspired by a creature from the Chinese zodiac: the moon-dwelling jade rabbit honoured in the Mid-Fall Festival. The finely detailed white gold figurine is brimming with celestial motifs, like the diamond crescent moon on Vivienne’s face. This is a precious keepsake that doubles as a brooch.

  • White Gold (18 kt)
  • Blue lacquer
  • 5 sapphires
  • 72 diamonds, ~0.8 ct
  • Height: ~34 mm/1.3 inches
  • Length: ~80 cm/31.5 inches, plus links at ~70 cm/27.6 inches and ~75 cm/29.5 inches