Vivienne Dog Pendant, Yellow Gold, White Gold, Lacquer, Diamonds And Coloured Gemstones


In this hand-crafted pendant inspired by the Chinese zodiac, House mascot Vivienne appears as a dog, a lucky animal in Chinese tradition. Meticulously detailed, the Vivienne Dog Pendant features a yellow gold body with a white lacquer face and white gold bone, plus sapphire eyes and diamond-encrusted white gold Monogram Flower petals. It is a dazzling unisex design that doubles as a brooch.

  • Yellow and White Gold (18 kt)
  • Blue, white and black lacquers
  • Sapphires
  • 166 diamonds, ~1.9 ct
  • Height: ~34 mm/1.3 inches
  • Length: ~80 cm/31.5 inches, plus links at ~70 cm/27.6 inches and ~75 cm/29.5 inches