Ombre Blossom Pendant, Pink Gold and Diamonds


The Louis Vuitton Ombre Blossom Pendant catches every eye with its graphic openwork design. Louis Vuitton’s heritage star-shaped Monogram Flower is delicately outlined in pink gold, its points enlivened with sparkling diamonds. An additional charm-like diamond adds an extra touch of feminine refinement. A precious evocation of the memory of an iconic flower and a symbol of eternal optimism.

  • Pink Gold (18 kt)
  • 21 diamonds, ~0.1 ct
  • Motif width: ~21.5 mm/0.8 inches
  • Motif thickness: ~1.7 mm/0.1 inches
  • Length: 42 cm/16.5 inches + link at 38 cm/15 inches, 40 cm/15.7 inches