Women's Spring-Summer 2023 Show

Women's Spring-Summer 2023 Show

4th October at 3pm (BST)


Putting femininity in the spotlight, the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection changes the play of proportions, using emphasis as of a figure of style, where the infinitely large and infinitely small come together in one silhouette. The Maison’s signatures that have become ingrained in Louis Vuitton’s DNA take on a disproportionate quality, becoming integral to the collection’s narrative. Finding this new balance in scale, zippers and snaps are outsized, clasps become belt buckles, and a scrap of leather is turned into an outfit.


Zooming in on elements of a woman’s wardrobe, proportions and scales are reinvented, creating silhouettes where the details reign over. Belts printed using a 3D effect take on a trompe l’oeil effect, while folds of a kilt are enlarged and become flat pleated dresses, adding a playful and unique aspect. Nicolas Ghesquière also uses embroidery that simulates a macro tweed, created using a 3D scanner and blowing up each image to highlight every thread and its texture. Using emphasis as a figure of style, a selection of bags take on disproportionate details, while others are recreated with dramatic proportions.

Cour Carrée du Louvre

Staged once again in the majestic surroundings of the Louvre in Paris, Louis Vuitton’s Spring-Summer 2023 Collection is unveiled in the museum’s Cour Carrée. For the first time, Nicolas Ghesquière has invited leading French contemporary artist Philippe Parreno and production designer James Chinlund to conceptualize the event’s spectacular set design. With metal grills, mirrors, and a myriad of lightbulbs that evoke a fairground attraction, the set is centered upon a vividly red “monster flower” with golden stamen that rise up dramatically into the Parisian sky.