Fashion - Campaigns 18/11


This year, Louis Vuitton honours the most anticipated journey of all; the one that takes you back home.

Through countless doorways around the world, families and friends come together in the precious spaces we call home. Whether in person or in spirit, bearing carefully wrapped gifts or tidings of good cheer, nothing is more important than sharing the spirit of the festive season.

The Campaign

With the ring of a doorbell or the turn of a key, open the door to the boundless joys this moment holds. Wrapping gifts, sending greetings, planning gatherings, Louis Vuitton’s Holiday Campaign celebrates the essence of the season with Friend of the House Alicia Vikander leading the way.

The Gifts

From time-tested classics to fashion-forward pieces and seasonal designs, Louis Vuitton has selected a range of gifts to delight whoever is on your list.