Spiral Chandelier By Atelier Oï


Originally designed as a monumental five-metre-high lighting feature for the Café Louis Vuitton in Chengdu, China, Atelier Oï’s Spiral Chandelier is a stunning sculpture of leather and light. In this 1.2-metre home version, 36 elegantly twisted two-tone leather straps are given interlocking volume and form by a series of champagne-coloured metal circles. With coloured leather on one side and metallised leather on the other, the straps, which together are 145 metres long, reflect light from the lamp's LEDs to create a continuously changing play of sparkling radiance. The Chandelier can be paired with Atelier Oï's leather strap Spiral Lamps, with both available in the same three colours: Cream, Fire Red and Electric Blue.

  • 110 x 120 cm/43.3 x 47.2 inches
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Fire Red/Gold
  • Aluminium structure with 2-tone cowhide strips
  • Glass extra-radiant LED element
  • Limited edition of 30
  • Made in France