LV Archlight 2.0 Platform Rangers

  • 37.0
  • 38.0
  • 41.0

Seen at the Cruise 2023 Fashion Show, the LV Archlight 2.0 Platform Rangers are Nicolas Ghesquière's reinterpretation of his iconic LV Archlight trainers. Crafted from calf leather, these lace-up boots feature oversized, wave-shaped outsoles inspired by the trainers. Key details of this cutting-edge design are the two adjustable straps, the Louis Vuitton-engraved studs, the detailed chains and the metal accessory at the front, which references car bumpers.

  • Black
  • Calf leather
  • Adjustable straps
  • Oversized rubber outsole (5 cm/2 inches)
  • LV accessory
  • Louis Vuitton-engraved studs
  • Patent Monogram canvas back loop
  • Made in Italy