Lockit bracelet, white gold and diamonds

The padlock and keys, two iconic codes of Louis Vuitton, have been adorning bags and protecting the most precious belongings of our clients since the Steamer bag in 1901.In the Lockit Fine Jewelry collection, they become an audacious way to symbolize protection and attachment. Indeed, they echo the universal "lovelocks" tradition: legend has it that attaching a padlock to the railing of bridges before throwing away the key into the water will seal love forever. With its LV padlock that locks the bracelet as a clasp, this bracelet in white gold enhanced by a stunning diamond paving, evokes the closing system of the historic Steamer bag. The back of the bracelet features a hinge, adorned with the LV nails.The bracelet is presented with a set of keys on a white gold chain to be worn by the loved one.

    • White gold (18kt) and diamonds
    • Standard sizes: 15 cm (S), 16 cm (M), 17 cm (L)
    • S/M/L: 108/116/120 FG-VVS diamonds for 1.3/1.3/1.4 ct
    • LV engraved
    • Sold with a white gold key pendant