Fashion Eye California


The “Louis Vuitton Fashion Eye” collection evokes a city, region or country through the eye of a fashion photographer. “Fashion Eye” establishes a dialogue between emerging talents, seasoned photographers and fashion photography legends. This volume offers an offbeat vision of California through the work of the Canadian Kourtney Roy. Partial to self-portraiture and artifice, Roy puts herself in the frame, entering into an off-kilter relationship with her surroundings, one that is infused with fantasy.

  • 23.5cm x 30.5cm / 9.3 x 12.0 inches
  • Kourtney Roy (1981-): A young talented photographer Roy collaborates with fashion magazines such as Numéro, Vogue, Japan, GQ France, Esquire UK...
  • Book edited by Patrick Rémy
  • Bilingual French/English editions, including biographical information, a critical essay and photo captions
  • 50 to 100 photographs
  • Silk-screen printed cloth binding
  • Printed on glossy paper