Towards a Dream

At Louis Vuitton, the Spirit of Travel goes beyond discovering a physical destination, it also sparks curiosity for what lies within. The Maison’s core values come alive in a far-reaching journey to dreamlike settings around the globe. Captured by Viviane Sassen, the images are an evocative ode to the inner child, set free in a reverie of otherworldly beauty and infinite possibility.


With its unique aesthetic and historic monuments, France’s tidal island Mont Saint-Michel serves as the backdrop, welcoming a group of local children to frolic on the shoreline. With an exhilarating sense of joy, they embark on an imaginary odyssey, embodying a future where anything is possible.


Wonders of both man and nature, Jordan’s archeological site of Petra and the desert valley of Wadi Rum becomes a playground of discovery for local schoolchildren. Among age-old monuments and striking scenery, excavated architecture and sweeping vistas, they follow wherever their imagination leads.


Rich in ancient history, the Greek island of Milos beckons to a group of children, inviting them to play among its stark shores and pristine waters. With their innocent curiosity, their silhouettes emerge from the landscape to convey a limitless sense of optimism and freedom.

Inspired by the power of dreams, photographer Viviane Sassen embarks on a far-reaching journey where imagination takes flight between past, present and future. After Milos, she will continue on to Jordan and France in this ongoing invitation to travel within.