Sustainability 06/11

Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Louis Vuitton is a company that respects the uniqueness of each employee and offers everyone the means to find their place and thrive.

Our on-going Actions

Training 100% of our employees in the prevention of unconscious bias and stereotypes by 2022

Publishing 100% inclusive and non-discriminating job descriptions

Guaranteeing Equal Opportunities

We promote initiatives aimed at supporting professional equality for everyone, going above and beyond purely symbolic measures.

of the executive mobility observed in 2020 went to women, who represent 62% of Louis Vuitton's executive workforce. In 2013, LVMH and Louis Vuitton signed the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles, reinforcing our commitment to support women’s rights and development throughout the world. Within this framework, we have since implemented annual gender equality action plans covering all professional realms from recruitment, job mobility, compensation, and work-life balance, to occupational health.

is the year LVMH signed the UN Standards of Conduct for Tackling Discrimination against LGBTQI+ people. This pledge extends and strengthens our commitment to building an inclusive company culture for LGBTQI+ employees, initiated in 2018 with the creation of the LVMH Inclusion Index.

different nationalities are represented in Louis Vuitton’s teams worldwide. As of 2020, we operate in 62 countries, leading to a rich social and cultural diversity, both among our employees and suppliers.

employees with disabilities work at Louis Vuitton throughout the world as of 2020. Our Maison has always been committed to hiring people with disabilities and we continue to foster disability inclusion through many concrete actions.

Ensuring An Inclusive Environment

Around the world, Louis Vuitton is committed to ensuring a workplace that is founded on the principles of respecting differences and promoting inclusion.


Preventing "Unconscious Bias and Stereotypes"

Started in 2018, this dedicated training program aims to increase our teams’ awareness of the impact of biases and stereotypes on decision making processes and the value of workplace diversity. During these workshops, employees explore the nuances between prejudices, stereotypes, and discrimination, by analysing some of the most common unconscious biases, before creating specific action plans to work against the mechanisms of workplace discrimination, instead promoting equal opportunities.

Promoting women development through “EllesVMH” program

Launched in 2007 by LVMH, EllesVMH aims to support women’s professional development in all positions or levels of experience through initiatives such as coaching, mentoring, training, or highlighting women’s career paths. In 2018, EllesVMH launched SHERO, an internal digital platform, and community to empower women and men working in the LVMH group through articles, videos, podcasts, and more.

Shaping an even more inclusive culture for LGBTQIA+ employees with ALL LVMH Pride

Louis Vuitton Americas is proud to be participating in “All LVMH Pride”, an affinity community for all LGBTQIA+ employees and their allies in North America, the United Kingdom, North Asia and Japan. Created by employees, for employees and open to all, this network in which Louis Vuitton is active, champions and celebrates LGBTIQIA+ diversity, inclusivity and authenticity with a strong focus on community actions, internal and external local events, and local partnerships. This initiative was singled out in the 2020 edition of the LVMH Inclusion Index and is yet to become the LVMH’s global network for the LGBTQIA+ community.


"Sexist Behaviours and Workplace Sexual Harassment" training

Sexism groups all discriminatory beliefs and behaviours, based on the idea that one sex and by extension one gender, most often female, is inferior to another. Sexism is the main obstacle to equality between women and men, especially in the workplace. We have taken action by training local team members at each of our sites in France to prevent and combat sexism and its manifestations.

Working with people with disabilities through partnerships with ESATs and EAs

ESATs (Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail) are health and social structures that help people with disabilities to carry out a professional activity in adapted working conditions and with social and medical support. EAs (Entreprises Adaptées) are companies that employ up to 80% of workers with disabilities in a suitable and adapted environment. In France, Louis Vuitton has developed lasting partnerships with 44 ESATs and EAs, for a total turnover of more than 5 million euros in 2019, across various activities, such as logistics or industrial processes.


Supporting senior employment

For Louis Vuitton, the retention of senior employees, true pillars of transmission, is a key issue that is addressed specifically by geographic region. Since 2016, in Japan, we have offered volunteering senior employees the chance to extend their professional experience beyond the legal retirement age. This initiative enhances the skills of our teams while building bridges between generations.


Un-gendering our internal documentation

In the United States, Louis Vuitton rewrote the Maison’s retail handbook to replace the masculine and feminine pronouns “he” and “she” with gender-neutral formulations such as “the employee” or “they”. This new version contributes to a better inclusion of employees who do not wish to be identified by their gender. This initiative has been extended to the orientation process: when hired, employees can select their gender between three different options: “male”, “female” or “do not wish to identify”.

Guaranteeing inclusive styling and grooming guidelines

In Louis Vuitton stores, all indications related to sex and gender have been removed from the styling and grooming guidelines. For example, employees are no longer automatically attributed a uniform based on sex and can instead select the uniform of their choice. Additionally, make-up and hair guidelines are gender-neutral. The visual styling and grooming examples reflect all hair, skin, and body types to embrace the diversity of our employees.



South Asia

Ensuring equal medical coverage for LGBTQI+ employees

The law in certain countries does not recognize same-sex marriages, civil unions, or domestic partnerships. Despite this lack of formal legal recognition, Louis Vuitton offers medical coverage for partners of LGBTQI+ employees in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam to provide consistent and inclusive benefits on a daily basis. This initiative was singled out in the 2020 edition of the LVMH Inclusion Index.

North Asia

Raise disability awareness through training

Every year since 2018, Louis Vuitton South Korea employees undergo training to raise awareness of the various forms of disability at work. Since the launch, more than 1,200 people have been trained to facilitate the integration of new employees with disabilities and to better support these colleagues.

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