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Developing Savoir-Faire

Louis Vuitton was born out of craftmanship. Preserving our time-honoured métiers together with our unique savoir-faire is essential to the enduring success of Louis Vuitton. We make sure that our workplace allows and encourages every one of our employees to develop their skills in the best possible conditions, ensuring the honing and transmission of Louis Vuitton’s unique craftmanship.

Our On-Going Actions

Transmitting Our Savoir-Faire

Inventing the Future of Luxury

Sharing our Craftsmanship

Our Maison has a responsibility to preserve and impart the savoir-faire that Louis Vuitton has mastered since it's 1854 founding.

Louis Vuitton, "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant"

The Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label is a state-recognised certification, established to distinguish French companies with excellent craftsmanship. To obtain this label, our Maison had to meet three criteria: the ownership of a specific economic asset, the implementation of rare savoir-faire based on the mastery of traditional techniques of high technicality in the implementation of know-how, and the attachment to a specific region or territory. Much more than a badge of honour, earning the EPV label also embodies the richness of rare savoir-faire and a commitment to carrying out actions to preserve it.

Meeting and Exchanging During the "Journées Particulières"

Louis Vuitton is an active participant in the Journées Particulières, an event launched in 2011 by LVMH to allow the public to discover the diversity of the professions and savoir-faire at LVMH Maisons.
During these events, our sites open their doors and organise unique guided tours. Through demonstrations of artisanal skills, talks, and interactive presentations, our artisans welcome visitors to share their passion and unyielding commitment to excellence.

Training Future Talents at the "Institut des Métiers d’Excellence"

Thanks to the LVMH Institut des Métiers d’Excellence (IME) - a tuition-free apprenticeship program in partnership with prestigious vocational schools – our Maison promotes, transmits and develops savoir-faire in both the artisanal crafts, as well as the sales and creative professions. Since 2014, we have welcomed 190 IME apprentices among our Louis Vuitton teams.

Passing on Excellence with the Louis Vuitton "Ecole des Savoir-Faire"

Created in 2010, the Ecole des Savoir-Faire identifies, formalises and facilitates the transmission of our Maison’s unique savoir-faire, from traditional techniques to technological innovations. The agility and tailor-made aspect of the Ecole des Savoir-Faire allow us year after year to train the next generation of artisans while preserving our know-how in leather goods and watchmaking.

Inventing the Future of Luxury

Louis Vuitton prepares the future of luxury by developing employees’ skills throughout their careers as well as establishing close relationships with renowned academic and educational institutions.

Handcrafting Career Paths

At Louis Vuitton, we foster talent development in all its forms: whether on-the-job development through training, collaborative projects, promotions, or temporary internal missions, mobility towards a new role, team, country or Maison within the LVMH Group. Every career is unique, reflecting the unparalleled diversity of our talents and professions.

Work with Us

Entering Strategic Academic Partnerships

To anticipate the future of luxury, Louis Vuitton signs large-scale partnerships with schools and universities that are pioneers in their fields.

Partnership with Central Saint Martins: In 2021, LVMH and Central Saint Martins, one of the most prominent fashion schools in the world, launched the third phase of an official partnership initiated in 2011 with the creation of Maison/0 for Regenerative Luxury. This incubator's goal is to address the many social and environmental challenges facing the luxury industry by prioritising creative education and encouraging regenerative practices across all disciplines. Since 2017, Louis Vuitton has also offered Central Saint Martins students the opportunity to work on pioneering projects with either a strong environmental focus, such as in 2018 and 2021, or a social dimension in 2020, in order to identify cutting-edge solutions to drive sustainability and innovation in the luxury sector.

Louis Vuitton-ENS Chair: the Louis Vuitton - École Normale Supérieure scientific Chair in Artificial Intelligence was inaugurated in 2018 in order to share respective resources in this field and specifically in data processing using statistical learning and computer vision methods. Our aim is to continue to offer clients exceptional services and maintain our position as a leader and pioneer in the luxury industry.

Louis Vuitton-Comité Colbert Chair partnership: since 2017, our partnership with the Comité Colbert Chair has enabled us to welcome and support ENSAAMA students (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art) in their second year of Masters, in creative challenges to invent the luxury of tomorrow. These projects are an opportunity for our Maison to detect new talents and to help mould future creations.

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