• OBJETS NOMADES  AT NEW BOND STREET - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • OBJETS NOMADES  AT NEW BOND STREET - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • OBJETS NOMADES  AT NEW BOND STREET - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    • OBJETS NOMADES  AT NEW BOND STREET - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    A world of travel and design at the New Bond Street Maison

    Louis Vuitton’s New Bond Street Maison is delighted to host the Art of the Journey , a unique collection of beautiful, original trunks. Wander in the store and discover everything from historic and famous trunks to one-off bespoke orders and the latest, most innovative creations.  

    Objets Nomades is a limited edition collection of travel-inspired furniture and objects that showcase the craftsmanship and pioneering spirit of the house. Developed in collaboration with the most prestigious designers, these are exquisite pieces for collectors and aficionados of art and design.

    Marvel at the Concertina Chair, designed with Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay who share a fascination with collapsible objects. Meanwhile, the Lounge Chair, which transforms from a chaise longue to an armchair to a pouffe, is designed by Marcel Wanders who describes it as “an unfolding and portable oasis for relaxation,” and then there’s the Stool, uniquely combining the traditional Japanese art of origami with Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire in traditional trunk-making techniques – folded, it appears like a single sheet of leather, however, unfold into a comfortable leather travel stool.

    At the New Bond Street Maison runs from 26 May – 19 June, Monday to Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. Appointments can be arranged by contacting Client Service on 0207 9986 286.

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    The new LV&ME collection stops over in Rio.

    The LV&ME collection continues its journey across the alphabet and around the world.

    Our iconic typography invites you to the location of the Cruise 2017 Show: Rio de Janeiro. This capsule collection (a series of three collector items: the necklace, the cuff and the earring) has been launched the very same day of the Cruise Show.

    Get on board here for more information.



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    An homage to travel and friendship is related in a book conceived and realised by Alessandra Borghese with Louis Vuitton, and shot by Alessandra d’Urso.

    A cosmopolitan group of talents, artists, heirs and designers, were brought together by writer and journalist Alessandra Borghese in nine exclusive destinations: Cartagena, Honolulu, Conca dei Marini, Abu Seir, Corfu...

    The art of travel by Louis Vuitton infuse these books illustrated with Alessandra d’Urso’s intimate and artistic photographs.

    Explore the set of books here.

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    LES PARFUMS LOUIS VUITTON - Louis Vuitton Heritage NEWS
    Resource your bottle for long-lasting luxury

    Since its founding, Louis Vuitton has sought to create objects that last, articles that are passed down from generation to generation. Naturally, its perfume bottles, which are refillable, carry on this sustainable tradition.

    To have a bottle refilled, one needs to simply bring it to the nearest of the House’s boutiques. Each store maintains various perfume fountains, avant-garde tools developed specially for these bottles and exclusive to Louis Vuitton. In the space of a few seconds, the empty bottle is once again full, without ever having been opened, as if it were a sort of futuristic capsule. Not a drop of fragrance is lost. The perfume never comes in contact with the surrounding air, and so remains perfectly intact, identical to the original. The House’s bottles are thus an effective and innovative way of helping to preserve the environment. 

    They are also a way to pay homage to the Fontaines Parfumées, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud’s workshop in Grasse, in Provence, where perfume bottles were already being refilled at the source starting last century.

    Find the store nearest you.

    Discover les Parfums Louis Vuitton.

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    The Escale watches collection is enriched with new editions.

    In 2014, Louis Vuitton introduced an entirely different type of watch with a unique design and a colourful identity: Escale. Inspired by the universe of the House’s trunks personalization, the Escale watch features 24 time zones shown simultaneously through the 24 flags on the dial.

    The Escale collection offers three in-house La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton movements: Spin Time, World Time and Time Zone.

    It is bound to be seen on the wrists of design lovers and globetrotters with a penchant for fine timepieces.

    More about the Escale watches here


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