Discover Selena Gomez in Bruce Weber’s film for the Series 5 campaign, Director’s Cut edition.

The shoot for this campaign took place in Miami, Bruce Weber’s favorite turf. It is articulated like a “work in progress” for the photographer, who at first wanted to place his heroines on a boat. It was while seeing the boat being transported to the dock that he decided to leave it “as it is”, creating visual dissonance that gives rise to an unusual element of architecture. From this illogical atmosphere emanates a graphic purity, a sort of tension that acts as a counterpart to the models’ vitality.

"Selena’s popularity is fascinating; she’s an icon for her generation. And yet, there is a disarming sincerity and a true presence about her, she’s very direct and grounded.". Nicolas Ghesquière.

Discover the full campaign and the collection here.

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Ad Campaign Ready to Wear Bruce Weber Series 5 Selena Gomez Video