• ORIENTAL JOURNEY - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
  • ORIENTAL JOURNEY - Louis Vuitton Fashion NEWS
Maison Louis Vuitton's new fragrance, Ombre Nomade, evokes the noble heritage of the Orient.

Ombre Nomade, the new fragrance by Maison Louis Vuitton, is the essence of an olfactory adventure through the Orient, conjuring legendary tales and fabulous images. At its heart is a priceless treasure: oud. This exceptionally rare Asian wood, sometimes considered more valuable than gold, is rich with the history of humanity.

Maison Louis Vuitton's master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, wanted to celebrate the extraordinary power of oud with an exceptional fragrance. Ombre Nomade is his passionate homage to the Orient.

Les Parfums Louis Vuitton, available exclusively at select Louis Vuitton stores and at

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