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Introducing French Art de Vivre 'Louis Vuitton and London', which celebrates the house's savoir-faire and its continuing spirit of innovation

Sophisticated style has always been a key pillar to Louis Vuitton's heritage, whether for the everyday jaunt into the city or an exquisite red-carpet event.

French Art de Vivre features an exquisite collection of les extraordinaires ready-to-wear pieces alongside exceptional high jewellery and remarkable bespoke trunks. It invokes the emotion of getting ready for a night at the opera or at a beautiful orchestra performance—the delicate choice of gown coupled with the exotic clutch selection, all the while the anticipation of beautiful night ahead. Featured pieces include the Malle Coiffeuse, the most incredible accompaniment to one's beauty routine, and the innovatively chic Cocoon chair designed by the Campana Brothers from the Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades Collection.

Louis Vuitton’s French Art de Vivre embraces a feminine touch alongside style, sophistication, and savoir-faire.

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