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Designers without borders

Maison Louis Vuitton welcomes a new generation of creatives from around the world and gives them carte blanche. The result? Exceptional objects. Proof that ingenuity knows no borders.

Photographer : Philippe Lacombe


Travel and discovery are the essence of Louis Vuitton. The trunk is its purest expression, lending itself to multiple interpretations. The “Objets Nomades” are among these ramifications, expressions of creative freedom generated by the encounter between a historic House and leading contemporary talents.

Designers without borders - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS

Today, this exceptional collection comprises some 25 objects, envisioned by an elite group of international designers. These include Fernando and Humberto Campana of Brazil and Patricia Urquiola of Spain, who created two swing chairs. The first, named “Cocoon”, is made of the same material as surfboards, then sheathed in leather, while the second, rather more feminine, has a macramé-like weave. The Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka created “Blossom Stool”, whose four overlapping petals suggest a Louis Vuitton Monogram flower.

The latest nomadic object is an astonishing low table in leather marquetry by India Mahdavi, the French architect and interior designer of Irano-Egyptian heritage. Meanwhile, the designer Marcel Wanders offered two pieces – a screen and a lounge chair – in homage to the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton. Varied, surprising, delicate, refined, flawlessly finished and originally conceived, all these items – each one a jewel of craftsmanship – are the result of a close collaboration between Maison Louis Vuitton and designers of vastly differing styles.

Designers without borders - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS

Each limited-edition object or piece of furniture is born of an encounter, a dialogue, an intuition, a shared passion. Together, they comprise a singular collection whose leitmotif is the elegant and elaborate treatment of material taken to its limits. Trust, respect, humility and mutual understanding are the basis for this collective adventure, which began in 2012 and takes shape in a research laboratory with the look of an integrated start-up. 

Designers without borders - Louis Vuitton LV The Book NEWS

The result is an array of iconic objects adapted to 21st century travel – objects that are not only about function, but also about fiction, since all tell a story of daring and sharing. The true traveler is always a pioneer.