Louis Vuitton pursues its visionary odyssey: connected accessories and futuristic watches and luggage, bordering on the immaterial, bring the ancestral power of myths back to life.

Louis Vuitton was an inventor. A visionary who created innovative luggage adapted to the idea of contemporary travel. More than a century later, innovation remains a cardinal value, 2.0 craftsmanship that pulses at the heart of the Louis Vuitton matrix. The challenge is to stay perfectly in sync with the times, respecting the expertise of yesterday while being carried forward by the technology of tomorrow. Like a taut thread stretched between the past and the future, tirelessly weaving the story of the famous trunk-maker. What a pleasure to discover the latest creations with their futuristic facets, whose technological feats are matched only by their exacting style. Science meets elegance... Today, one talks about “connected objects,” but at Louis Vuitton, a dream-maker and purveyor of elsewhere, it is simply a matter of the Maison’s stars taking flight towards another reality. Like the two bags endowed with an incredible flexible screen, the fanciful sensation of the 2020 Cruise show in New York, or the Keepall Lightning, whose optical fibres magically replace the legendary Monogram canvas. Offering an equally shimmery effect when the bag is turned off… or on! This digital odyssey continues with the indispensable Tambour watch, packed with innovations and design: one never tires of its watch faces, which give a multitude of new faces to this single and unique case. An ode to metamorphosis, which Louis Vuitton makes immaterial.

THE NEW TAMBOUR HORIZON OR THE MYTH OF CHRONOS... In its connected and ultra-design version, perfect for frequent travellers, Maison Louis Vuitton’s flagship watch whisks us through time zones, setting its pace to that of Chronos, the god of time and destiny. While this ebony-winged wise man with the original hourglass may be the father of the passing hours, you are the child of a new world to endlessly explore. Open your eyes: time is everywhere.

THE CANVAS OF THE FUTURE OR THE MYTH OF ZEUS... What if the canvas of tomorrow was a flexible and connected digital screen? What if we could dream up the first foldable smartphone? The first bag-tablet? Smart luggage? It would take all the power of Zeus, the supreme god capable of everything and anything, to elevate style to this new level! Announcing the birth of the total accessory. After creative lighting struck and the heavens were moved, these two quintessential bags took on this new role.

THE KEEPALL LIGHTNING OR THE MYTH OF PROMETHEUS... Made entirely of optical fibres, Maison Louis Vuitton’s iconic bag glimmers in the night like an eternal dancing flame… It’s a Promethean gift! In any case, this technological blaze makes this luggage unique and vibrant, bearing a personalised message within the Vuitton community. Holder of the sacred fire, you can now stand up to the gods… of style!

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