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« Blossom » is a unique word describing the moment when the flowers of fruit trees bloom.

There is a word to describe the moment nature stirs from its winter sleep, the fragile and fleeting moment evoking the irresistible rebirth of beauty, the moment when a flower opens to greet the pale light of spring and herald the fertility of the fruit trees. That word is "blossom". Colour Blossom is now the name of a new Louis Vuitton jewellery collection inspired by the flowers on Monogram canvas.

Color Blossom celebrates the Monogram flowers, created in 1896 by Georges-Louis Vuitton. Set into yellow or pink gold, the flower blooms into a carved tiger eye or white mother-of-pearl. Months of work were necessary to perfect the stone’s subtle curves and sparkle. The dazzling array of jewel creations is an invitation to create your own personal harmony.

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