Fine Jewellery

Color Blossom BB Sautoir, Pink gold, White Mother of Pearl and diamonds
Empreinte pendant, yellow gold
Idylle Blossom ring, 3 golds and diamonds
Diamond Blossom BB pendant, white gold and diamonds
Color Blossom BB Star Bracelet, White gold, Onyx and diamond
Empreinte pendant, white gold
Color Blossom BB Sun Bracelet, Yellow gold, Lapis Lazuli and diamond
Diamond Blossom BB bracelet, pink gold and diamonds
Idylle Blossom XL Necklace, 3 golds and diamonds
Blossom pendant, white gold and diamond
Idylle Blossom ear stud, white gold and diamond
Blossom necklace, 3 golds and diamonds
Idylle Blossom LV Pendant, Yellow gold and diamond
Idylle Blossom LV Bracelet, Yellow gold and diamond
Blossom bracelet, pink gold and diamond
Colour Blossom star pendant, yellow gold and tiger eye
Colour Blossom sun bracelet, pink gold and white mother-of-pearl
Color Blossom BB Star Pendant, White gold, Onyx and diamond
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