Louis Vuitton called on digital artist Ryoichi Kurokawa and pro skater Alex Olson to present the new V Line leather good collection.

Supple and innovative, city-proof and comfortable to wear, the leather featured in V Line is completely water-resistant and consequently adapts to all movements and outside conditions.

Personalities Ryoichi Kurokawa and Alex Olson embody these specific features; their lifestyles involve quick-paced and dynamic rhythm. Ryoichi, a digital artist specialized in multi-screen installations and immersive holographic works, and Alex, pro skater but also active photographer and artist, are both at the confluence of the different sources of urban energy reflected in the V Line collection.

The new graphic “V” signature completes the picture with elegance. Taken from the House archive, this blue, white and red logo is strongly linked to one of Louis Vuitton’s most innovative characters, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, who used it as his personal blazonry in the early 20thh century.

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