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Super Speedy

Eighty-five years and counting! The Speedy might be changing its look, its size and its tone, it will always remain supple and lightweight, stylish and functional. Ready for anything, it remains a step ahead. This bag is definitely going places!
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The Speedy is always in a hurry! Since its launch in 1930, it has been living life in the fast lane. It is no coincidence that it appeared just as women – aware of their importance in society and aspiring to play an increasingly active role – were taking their first strides towards emancipation. They could not have wished for a more perfect companion than this bag, whose very name suggests freedom of movement. Indeed, the stylish and practical Speedy adapts to every circumstance, every situation. A travel bag for an impromptu weekend, a city bag for the office, or simply a handbag elegantly hooked over a woman’s arm…

The Speedy is the ultimate multitasker. Not to mention that, to satisfy every desire, it has adopted several sizes and countless guises – eye-popping or understated, fun or fashion-forward, graphic or eccentric. All of which makes it a truly timeless classic. Above all the Speedy is the big-hearted bag that can hold a woman’s entire, precious world, the bag for a woman on the move, who loves life going forward.

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