Le fil rouge

The Espaces Louis Vuitton in Munich, Paris and Tokyo present Le fil rouge, a group show dedicated to the thread as medium in contemporary art.

The Espaces Louis Vuitton in Munich, Paris and Tokyo are pleased to present Le fil rouge [The Red Thread], a group show in which eight internationally renowned contemporary artists present new and existing works.

For the first time ever a uniting theme will be investigated in parallel at all three Espaces, with each location formulating its own focus. Le fil rouge pursues the theme of the thread as the primary medium in the creative process of contemporary artists. The first chapter of the exhibition to open, at the Munich Espace, focuses on embroidery-based works by Ghada Amer, Tracey Emin and Michael Raedecker. In addition, the newly commissioned film by Hans Op de Beeck, The Thread, will be shown at all three locations.

Discover more about the exhibition HERE.

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